Piloselia aurantiaca – Hieracium aurantiacum – Hieracium brummeocroceum – Fox and Cubs – Orange Hawkweed –



There are about 20 species of hairy rhizomatous or stoloniferous herbaceous perennial in this genus. They occur in a variety of habitats in Eurasia and Northern Africa, including grasslands, sand dunes, dry slopes, and open woodland. The 1-8″ long, oblong, lance, or spatula shaped, smooth edged or toothed leaves are usually in basal rosettes, sometimes with smaller stem leaves. Greenish yellow or yellow to orange-red, rarely white or red, daisy like flower heads are are held singly or in terminal clusters on usually leafless stems in summer. Grow in a wild garden or meadow, or on dry walls and banks. May be regarded as a weed.

Grow in poor to moderately fertile, well drained or dry soil in full sun or partial shade. Divide in autumn or spring.

P. aurantiaca – Hieracium aurantiacum – H. brummeocroceum – Fox and Cubs – Orange Hawkweed – This stoloniferous perennial from the grassy places in Europe grows 8″ tall and 36″ wide.   It produces basal rosettes of elliptic to lance shaped, bluish green leaves, to 8″ long. In summer, black hairy stems bear dense clusters of 8-10 orange-red or orange-brown flower heads, ½” across.

Zones 5-9