Platycarya strobilacea –

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There are 2 or 3 species of deciduous, large shrub or small trees in this genus. They occur in forest in Eastern Asia. They are grown for its long, pinnate leaves that color yellow in autumn, for its upright catkins, and for its long lasting, cone like racemes of fruit. The flowers of both sexes are borne separately on the same plant in late spring and early summer. The bark is often used for making a black dye. Best grown as a specimen tree in woodlands.

Grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in protected sunny or partially shaded position.

P. strobilacea – This rounded, deciduous tree from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan grows 50′ feet tall and wide. It produces alternate, pinnate, mid green leaves, to 12″ long, composed of 7-15 ovate to oblong-lance-shaped, toothed leaflets. In mid and late summer it bears tiny flowers held in erect, yellow green catkins: several males, to 4″ long, surround a single female. Bears small winged, green, later brown fruit, in cone like racemes to 1 ½” long, in autumn, that persist until the following year.

Zones 6-9