Pontederia cordata – Pickerel Rush – Pickerel Weed –


Pontederia – Pickerel Weed –
There are about 5 marginal aquatic perennials in this genus. They occur from fresh water marshes and swamp ditches, in North, Central, and South America. They are grown for their neat habit, distinctive foliage, and colorful flowers. The thick rootstock produces clumps of often lance shaped leaves. In summer and early autumn it bears terminal spikes of tubular, 2 lipped, usually blue flowers. Grow at the margins of a pond or in a large, water filled barrel on a sunny, sheltered patio. Flower spikes may not open fully in cool, wet summers.
Grow in aquatic containers of fertile, loamy soil at the margins of a pool, grow in more than 4-5″ of water, in full sun. Divide in late spring.
Prone to rust and spider mites.

P. cordata – Pickerel Rush – This marginal aquatic perennial found from Eastern North America to the Caribbean grows 3-4 ½’ feet tall and 24-30″ wide. It produces erect, lance shaped, triangular to ovate, glossy, emergent, floating, or submerged leaves, 8″ wide, with heart shaped bases, borne on stalks to 10″ long. From late spring to autumn it bears tubular spikes, 3/4-6″ long, on flower stalks to 14″ tall.
Zones 3-11