Pennisetum set. ‘Rubrum’ – Purple Maiden grass –



plumes appear in late summer

comes in 3 or 5 gallon

P. setaceum – P. rueppellii – African Fountain Grass – This mound forming, densely tufted, deciduous perennial grass, often grown as an annual is from Tropical Africa, Southwestern Asia and the Arabian Peninsula grows 3′ feet tall and half as wide. It produces upright, narrowly linear, flat or rolled, rough textured, mid green leaves, to 12″ long. From mid summer to early autumn it bears pink to purplish pink brush like, spikelets in plumed, long bristled, upright to nodding, narrow panicles, to 12″ long. It is drought tolerant.

Grow in preferably light, moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun. Cut back dead top growth by early spring. Where not hardy, protect with a dry winter mulch. Divide in late spring or early summer.

zones 5-9