Securinega suffruticosa –

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Securinega –
There are 20 deciduous, monoecious or dioecious shrubs in this genus. They are found naturally occurring from temperate and sub-tropical regions of Northeastern Asia to China.. Securinega species are grown for their upright, arching branching habit and alternate, elliptic or ovate to ovate-lance shaped, bright yellowish green leaves. Grow in a massed screen planting.
Grow in moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

S. suffruticosa – This upright, arching shrub from Northeastern Asia to China grows 6′ feet tall and 5′ feet wide. It produces elliptic to ovate-lance shaped, bright green leaves, to 2 ½” long, wedge shaped at the bases. In midsummer, bears axillary, insignificant, petalless, greenish white flower, to 3/4″ across, the males in clusters and the females singly.
Zones 5-7