Stokesia laevis ‘Klaus Jelitto’ – Stokesia cyanea – Stokes Aster –


Stokesia – Stokes Aster

There is a sole species of an erect perennial in this genus. It is found naturally occurring in conifer woods on moist, acidic soil in southeastern USA. It produces evergreen, simple, smooth leaves which are smooth edged, or sometimes with spines toward the bases, and form basal rosettes. The long lasting, colorful, terminal, corn flowers-like flowers are borne from late summer to fall, either solitary or in few to many flowered corymbs, they are good for cutting. Grow in a warm position in a herbaceous border.

Grow in light, fertile, moist but well drained, acidic soil in full sun or part shade. Liable to rot in damp, heavy soils. Provide support. Deadhead to prolong flowering. Divide in spring.

Prone to leaf spots and caterpillars.

S. laevis ‘Klaus Jelitto’ – Stokesia cyanea – This rosette forming, evergreen perennial from Southeastern USA, grows 24″ tall and 18″ wide. It produces elliptic to lance shaped, mid green basal leaves, to 8″ long, slightly spiny near the bases, and with conspicuous, pale greenish white midribs. From mid summer to early autumn, upright stems, with smaller, stalkless leaves, bear solitary, terminal, cornflower-like flowers, to 4″ across, these have spreading, fringed petals in light blue with whitish blue in the centers.

Zones 5-9