Stylophorum diphyllum – Celandine Poppy – Flamming Poppy –



There are about 3 herbaceous perennial in this genus. They are found naturally occurring in woodlands in Eastern Asia and Eastern North America. It produces pinnatisect leaves which have long stalks in the basal rosettes, and are stalkless on upright, branching, ridged stems. The flowers are saucer shaped, poppy like, and yellow or orange, borne in terminal umbels in spring and summer. They are attractive plants for a woodland garden, a shady border among shrubs, or large rock garden. They may become weedy.

Grow these plants in   moist, moderately fertile, humus rich soil in deep or partial shade, will become scorched in direct sun. Divide in spring.

Prone to slugs and snails.

S. diphyllum – Celandine Poppy – Flamming Poppy – This downy, rosette forming perennial from Eastern USA grows 12″ tall and wide.   It produces deeply incised, hairy mid green leaves, 8-12″ long, each with 5-7 oblong-obovate, irregularly scalloped and toothed lobes. In summer it bears bright golden yellow flowers, to 1″ across.

Zones 5-8