Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’ – Weeping white pine –


Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’

draping pine evergreen

comes in various shapes and different heights

P. strobus – Eastern White Pine – Weymouth Pine – White Pine – This slender, conical tree when young, becoming irregular and flat topped with age, often losing major branches from Eastern North America grows 120-200′ feet tall usually a lot less in cultivation and 20-25′ feet wide. It has smooth gray bark, which becomes black and fissured and slender, olive brown shoots with ovoid-oblong buds. It produces slender, soft, bluish green leaves, 3-5 ½” long, are borne in 5’s.It bears cylindrical, tapered, green female cones, which ripen to brown, are 3-8″ long and 2″ wide held in cluster and excretes copious amounts of white resin. Excellent specimen tree or hedge.

‘Pendula’ – is vigorous and weeping, with twisted hanging branches and long, blue green leaves.

Pines are divided into 2 major
groups, the white pines (soft pines) with typically 5 needles and non woody
cone scales, and the black pines (hard pines) with typically 2 to 4 needles and
woody cone scales.

Zones 4-9