Xerophyllum asphodeloides ‘ Elk Grass ‘

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Xerophyllum – Elk Grass –

There are 3 upright, rhizomatous, clump-forming perennials from dry slopes and open woodland in hilly and mountainous areas of North America, make up this genus.  They are grown for their flowers and architectural, grass like foliage.  Woody, stem like rhizomes produce numerous densely tufted, linear, finely tapered leaves, mid green above and glaucous, blue green beneath, with hard, rough or finely toothed margins.  The leaves become progressively smaller toward the tips of the unbranched stems, each of which bears dense, terminal raceme of small, starry shaped, white or yellowish white flowers in summer.  They are suitable for growing in a sunny herbaceous border, in a Mediterranean garden, or in a native plant collection.

Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil in full sun.  Where marginally hardy, protect crowns with a dry winter mulch.  Plants will form colonies if the rhizomes are left undisturbed.

X. asphodeloides– This upright perennial found naturally occurring from Eastern Canada to Tennessee and Georgia grows 5’ feet tall and 2’ feet wide.  It produces leaves, to 18” long, mid green above, glaucous, blue green beneath, with rough edges.  During summer, bears star shaped, fragrant, yellow-white flowers, ½” across, in dense, broad, rounded racemes, to 12” long.

Zones 5-9