Hottonia palustris – Water Violet – Featherfoil – Water Violet –


Hottonia – Featherfoil – Water Violet –

There are 2 species of submerged aquatic perennials, in this genus. They occur in temperate Northern Asia, Europe and Eastern USA found in slow moving water in ditches and in shallow water where silting has occurred. They produces alternate, feathery, pinnate, light green leaves. They have delicate, primrose-like, white to   lilac flowers held on numerous erect stem in terminal racemes. Hottonias are good oxygenators, and are suitable for a small decorative pool or a larger wildlife pool.

Grow in muddy bottom of a shallow pond, in clear, still or slow moving water in any pond or stream that does not freeze solid, in full sun. Hottonias may be difficult to establish, particularly in a recently constructed pool. Winter-resting buds will sink to the bottom of the pond, usually rising again and producing new growth in spring.

Prone to filamentous algae.

H. palustris – Water Violet – This submerged perennial from Europe and Northern Asia grows 12-36″ tall with an indefinite spread. It produces spreading and erect stems carrying whorled or alternate, pinnate or 2 pinnate, comb-like, light green leaves, 3/4-5″ long, with linear leaflets. In spring it bears salverform, pale violet, lilac, or white flowers, 1″ across, with yellow throats, they are held above the water in 3-9 flowered whorls.

Zones 5-11