Acer platanoides ‘Cleaveland’ ‘ Norway Maple – Maple


Acer platanoides – Norway Maple – This deciduous tree can grow 80’ feet tall and 50’ feet wide, and is found across Europe. It thrives in a multiplied of soils and situations. The 3-6” inch 5 lobed bright green leaves exude milky sap when cut. Conspicuous yellow-green flowers appear before the leaves followed by 2” inch long and wide angled winged fruits. In autumn leaves turn clear yellow. It cast down deep shade and out compete most plants for water and nutrients. It has many cultivars that are used in small gardens and street trees. Prefers full sun.
‘Cleaveland’ – grows 40-50’ feet tall and 30-40’ feet wide in an oval to rounded shape tree bearing dense dark foliage that turns golden yellow.