Achillea schwefelblute – Achillea ‘Flowers of Sulpher’ – Achillea ‘Sulpher Flower’ – Yarrow


Achillea – Yarrow – Milfoil – Sneezwort
They’re 85 species in this genus from Europe and Asia with few from North America. Named after Archilles who in Greek mythology used it to heal wounds. These deciduous, evergreen perennials with 2-12” long fern-feather like gray or green foliage, which are aromatic and often covered with fine hairs. Bears masses of daisy like flowers 1/8”-1/2” branching off a single stem growing to an equal length to form a flat top of a head. Normally blooms in late spring to autumn. Great in rock gardens or as a massed border, or even as cut or dried flowers. If brushed up against it may irritate skin allergies.
Most will tolerant a wide range of soils but will thrive in and conditions. Thrives in moist but well drained soil. Hybrids have been cultivated to fit poor drained shaded areas. They spread by sending out shoots above or under ground roots that send up erect shoots that can be cut to create a separate plant.
Prone to aphids, powdery mildew, and rust and other foliar diseases caused by fungi occur.

Achillea schwefelblute – Achillea ‘Flowers of Sulpher’ – Achillea ‘Sulpher Flower’ – A clump perennial growing 2’ feet tall and 18” inches wide with dense overlapping feather like grayish-green leaves. On short stalks from early summer into autumn it bears 4” wide groupings of tiny sulfur yellow flowers forming a flat top that fade to paler yellow with age.
Zones 5-8