Androsace ciliata – Douglasia – Rock jasmine


Androsace – Douglasia – Rock jasmine

There are about 100 species of annuals, biennials, mostly evergreen mat or cushion forming perennials, in this genus.  They occur in the mountains of the Northern Hemisphere.   The small rosettes produce hairy leaves and produce stemless or short stemmed tubular based small white or pink, 5 petalled flowers in spring in summer with flat or cup shape lobes held singly or in umbels.  Favorite for rock gardens.

If grown indoors plant in pans in full light with good ventilation very sharply drained mix of equal parts of soil based potting mix and grit with a collar of grit around the neck of the plant.  Best watered from below.

If grown outdoors, plant in moist but gritty well-drained soil in a trough in full sun.  In hot areas with hot summer provide shade from afternoon sun.

Prone to downy mildew, leaf spot, rust and aphids.

Androsace ciliata – This Pyrenees species grows 1” tall and up to 3” wide forming a cushion Aretian with loose evergreen rosettes ½-1” across of lance shaped to egg shape hairy glossy mid green leaves to ½” long.  In late spring and early summer pale to deep pink 3/8-1/2” wide flowers have yellow to orange center borne carried singly on stems ½” long.

Zones 6-7