Picea pungens glauca – Colorado Blue spruce –


Picea pungens glauca

evergreen tree

needs full sun

comes 4-5′, 5-6′, 6-7′, feet tall or larger

P. pungens – Colorado Spruce – This conical to columnar tree from the Rocky Mountains from Wyoming to Colorado grows 50-100′ feet tall and 15′ feet wide. It has scaly, gray bark and thick, orange brown shoots. It produces stiff, thick, sharp pointed, 4 sided, bluish gray green leaves, ½-1 1/4″ long, arranged radially on the shoots, curve upward, and are covered in glaucous wax. Cylindrical, green, later pale brown female cones are 3-5″ long with flexible scales.

f. glauca – Blue Colorado Spruce – has glaucous to blue-gray leaves and with age their beauty diminishes as the tree habit becomes more sparse

Grow in any deep, moist but well drained, ideally neutral to acidic soil in full sun. It will not withstand polluted environments.

zones 2-8