Cotoneaster ‘cranberry’ – Cotoneaster apiculatus


Cotoneaster apiculatus

blooms in early summer

comes in 2 or 3 gallon containers

C. apiculatus – Cramberry Cotoneaster – This vigorous, more or less prostrate, deciduous shrub from Western China grows 3′ feet tall and 8′ feet wide. It produces rounded, pointed, wavy edged, glossy, mid green leaves, 3/4″ long, with slightly hairy undersides, and turn red to purple-red in autumn. In early summer it bears solitary, red tinged white flowers, followed by spherical red fruit, ½” long.

deciduous shrub – Grow in moderately fertile, well drained soil, most will tolerate dry positions. Deciduous species prefer full sun. Large and medium sized evergreen thrive in sun or partial shade. In an exposed situations the may need protection from cold, drying winds. Most need little regular pruning but will tolerate hard pruning to produces tight hedges or to renovate.

Zones 5-8