Ginkgo Biloba fastigiata – Maidenhair tree


G. biloba – Maidenhair Tree – This long lived, deciduous, upright tree, columnar ten wide spreading from Southern China grows 80-100′ feet tall and at least 25′ feet wide. It has furrowed, dull gray bark. It produces flat, fan shaped, mid to yellow green leaves, to 5″ across, taper into the stalks, and are usually lobed at the tips and have many parallel veins. It bears catkin-like, pendulous, cylindrical yellow-green male flowers, 3″ long, are held in clusters. Round, solitary female flowers bear plum like, orange-brown fruit, with an edible kernel, 1 1/4″ long, in late summer and autumn.

‘Fastigiata’ – is a slender
erect cultivar that reaches 30′ feet tall and is male

Grow in any deep fertile, well drained soil in full sun. Shelter from strong winds. It prefers hot summers.

zones 5-9