Nandina ‘Heavenly Gulf Stream’ – Heavenly bamboo –


Nandina ‘Heavenly Gulf Stream’

evergreen shrub

comes in 3 or 5 gallon pots

N. domestica – This evergreen or semi evergreen shrub found from India to Japan grows 6-7′ feet tall and 5′ feet wide. From upright, cane like shoots it carries pinnate to 3 pinnate leaves, to 36″ long, with 1″ elliptical shaped leaflets, red to reddish purple when young and in winter. In mid summer it bears conical panicles, to 16″ long, of small, star shaped, creamy white flowers, to ½” across, with large yellow anthers, followed by long lasting, spherical bright red fruit, 3/8″ across.

Grow in a sheltered site in moist
but well drained soil, preferably in full sun or some shade.

zone 6-11