Chamaecyparis – Hinoki cypress ‘Aurea’



comes in 3-4′, 4-5′, 5-6′ feet tall

conical in habit, with inner leaves being green and outer being yellow

Chamaecyparis – False Cypress –

There are about 8 species of monoecious, evergreen, coniferous trees, in this genus. They occur in Eastern Asia and North America. They have flattened sprays of scale like, overlapping adult leaves, to 1/4″ long, and longer ovate to linear juvenile leaves to 3/8″ long, in gold, bluish, bronze and green. The spherical or angular female cones have 2,. Occasionally 3-5 seeds on each shield-like scale, and most ripen in the first autumn. The spherical or ovoid male cones, usually to 1/4″ long, are borne in spring. False cypresses are used as specimen trees and for hedging, they have given rise to a vast number of cultivars, many dwarf or slow growing, and suitable for rock gardens or bonsai. They can be fast growing if conditions are to their liken. Contact with the foliage may aggravate skin allergies.

Tolerant of alkaline soils but best grown in moist but well drained, preferably neutral to slightly acidic soil in full sun.Trim hedges from late spring to early autumn, but do not cut into older wood.

zone 4-9