Leptinella squalida – Cotula squalida – Cotula Weed –

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Leptinella –

There are about 30 species of annuals and creeping, tufted, or mat forming perennials in this genus. They occur in subalpine grassland and rocky areas in Australasia and South America.   They form low carpets of pinnatifid, pinnatisect, or pinnate, leaves giving a fern like appearance, which are occasionally aromatic, It bears solitary, button like flower heads on short stalks from late spring to summer. Effective as a low groundcover and tolerant of some foot traffic, these plants are suitable for paving crevices or gravel gardens, but are mostly too invasive for a rock garden.

Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, sharply drained soil in full sun.

L. squalida – Cotula squalida – Cotula Weed – This creeping perennial from New Zealand grow 6″ tall with an indefinite spread. It produces elliptic to obovate, pinnatifid, hairless or softly hairy, bright green leaves, to 4″ long. In late spring and early summer it bears yellow-green flowers, to 1/4″ across.

Zones 4-7