Leucanthemum ‘Summer Snowball’ – Chrysanthemum maximum of gardens – Chrysanthemum x superbum – Shasta Daisy –


Leucanthemum –

There are 26 species of vigorous, clump forming annual and perennials in this genus. They occur in rocky alpine slopes and moist meadows, grassland, and wasteland in Europe and temperate Asia. They have alternate, smooth edged, deeply pinnatifid, toothed, scalloped, or lobed leaflets, and solitary daisy-like terminal flowers, which are usually white, sometime yellow with yellow centers. Grow alpine species in a scree bed or rock garden, taller perennials in a wild garden. Some hybrids and cultivars are useful in a herbaceous border and for cut flowers.

Grow these undemanding plants in moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Alpine species need sharply drained soil in full sun. Many of the taller plants need support. Divide perennials in early spring or late summer.

Prone to aphids, slugs, earwigs, chrysanthemum nematode, and leaf spots.

L. x superbum – Chrysanthemum maximum of gardens – C. x superbum – Shasta Daisy – This robust, clump forming perennials is a cross between L. lacustre and L. maximum grows 24-36″ tall and wide. It produces inversely lance shaped, toothed, glossy, almost fleshy, dark green basal leaves, to 12″ long, and shorter, lance shaped, stalkless stem leaves. From early summer to early autumn it bears solitary, single or double white flowers, 3-5″ across, with pale golden centers. Good for cutting.

Wirral Supreme’ – grows 30″ tall and bears dense, double flowers, with anemone centers.

Zones 5-8