Patrinia scabiosaefolia –


Patrinia –
There are about 15 clump forming herbaceous perennials in this genus. They are found in grassy mountain habitats in Siberia and Japan. They are grown for their long stemeed, sometimes corymb like panicles of small, 5 lobed, cup shaped yellow or white flowers, produced in summer and autumn. The leaves are mainly basal, ovate to rounded, lobed, palmate or pinnate, rarely smooth edged, and mid to dark green. Grow in a woodland garden or rock garden, in a mixed or herbaceous border, or as a ground cover.
Grow in fertile, humus rich, moist soil in partial or deep shade.
Prone to slugs and snails.

P. scabiosaefolia – This upright, variable perennial from Eastern Asia grows 3-7′ feet tall and 2′ feet wide. It produces ovate to oblong, mid green basal leaves, and pinnatifid, coarsely toothed, hairy lobed stem leaves, to 6″ long. From late summer to autumn it bears cymes, to 4″ across, in large panicles of cup shaped, yellow flowers.
Zones 5-8