Rhus typhina – Rhus hirta – Staghorn Sumac – Velvet Sumac –

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R. typhina – R. hirta – Staghorn Sumac – Velvet Sumac – This upright, suckering, deciduous shrub or small tree from Eastern North America grows at least 15′ feet tall and 12-20′ feet wide.From densely velvety red shoots, resembling a stag’s horns carries pinnate leaves, to 24″ long, composed of 11-31 toothed, oblong-lance shaped, dark green 6″ leaflets, that turn flame-red in autumn.In summer it bears yellow-green flowers in erect, conical panicles, to 8″ long.On female plants the flowers are followed by dense clusters of spherical, felt red fruit.

Grow in moist but well drained, moderately fertile soil, in full sun to obtain best autumn color, with shelter from wind.Tolerant of air pollution.

zones 3-8