Hibiscus syriacus’Blue Satin’ – Rose of Sharon ‘Blue Satin’


Rose of Sharon ‘Blue Satin’

Deciduous shrub/tree

comes in containers and balled and burlapped

H. syriacus – Rose of Sharon – Blue Hibiscus – Shrub Althea – Syrian Hibiscus– This erect, deciduous shrub, evergreen in warmer climates is found from China to India and grows 12′ feet tall and 6-10′ feet wide. It is the hardiest of all Hibiscus. From smooth gray branches it carries ovate to diamond shaped, shallowly to palmately 3 lobed, coarsely toothed, dark green leaves, to 4″ long. From late summer to mid autumn it bears large, single or double, trumpet shaped, dark pink flowers, to 2 ½” across, with dark red centers and yellow anthered white stamen, are held singly or in pairs.

Outdoors, grows in humus rich, moist but well drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil in full sun. Hibiscus need long, hot summers to flower well. Trim after flowering to maintain shape. Most are drought and frost tender.

zone 5-9