Stratiotes aloides – Water Solider –


Stratiotes –

There is one species of a vigorous, dioecious, submerged aquatic perennial in this genus. It is found naturally occurring in still and slow moving water in Eurasia. It has rosettes of narrow, prickly saw toothed, submerged leaves, which rise to the surface at flowering time. An attractive foliage plant for a sunny pool, it acts to some extent as a filter and oxygenator, but must be kept in check.

In summer, scatter new plants into a pool of slightly alkaline water over 12″ deep.. Remove runners as necessary to control spread.

S. aloides – Water Solider – This aquatic perennial from Eurasia has an indefinite spread. It produces short runners which carry stalkless rosettes of linear to lance shaped, pointed, toothed, deep olive green leaves, to 20″ long. In mid summer, bears cup shaped, white, sometimes pink tinged flowers, 1 1/4″ across, from 2 leaved bracts: the males in pairs or 3’s, the females solitary.

Zones 5-11