Triteleia ixioides – Brodiaea ixioides – Brodiaea lutea – Pretty Face – Golden Brodiaea- Triplet Lily –

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Triteleia – Triplet Lily –

There is about 15 cormous perennials closely related to Brodiaea, in this genus. They are found naturally occurring in grasslands, chaparral, and pine woodland on the West coast of North America. They are grown for their umbels of funnel to starry shaped flowers, borne on leafless stems and resemble the Allium. The semi erect , narrowly linear, grass like basal leaves usually die away by flowering time. Suitable for a warm, sunny, mixed or herbaceous border.

Plant corms 3″ deep in autumn, in light, sandy, fertile soil in full sun. They should never be waterlogged in cold area, they may need some winter protection.

Prone to rust.

T. ixioides – Brodiaea ixioides   – B. lutea – Pretty Face – Golden Brodiaea – This cormous perennial from Western USA grows 18-24″ tall and 3-4″ wide. It produces semi erect linear, basal leaves, 4-16″ long.   In early summer it bears loose umbels, 5″ across, of up to 25 yellow flowers, up to 1″ long, with a purple stripe on each petal.

Zones 7-13