Buddleia davidii ‘Harleguin’ – butterfly bush –


comes in containers or by height 4-5′, 5-6′ feet tall

B. davidii – Butterfly Bush – Summer Lilac – This variable, fast growing, deciduous semi evergreen shrub from rocky river sides and chalky and limestone wasteland in Central and Western China and Japan, grows 112-18′ feet tall and 15′ feet wide. From long, arching shoots it carries lance shaped, pointed, mid green to gray green leaves, to 10″ long with woolly white undersides. From late summer to early autumn it bears dense, conical, arching panicles, 12″ or more long, of fragrant, lilac to purple flowers, often with orange or yellow eyes. This species and variants are the most commonly seen in gardens.

‘Harlequin’ has
leaves with yellow edges when young, cream edged when mature, and dark
red-purple flowers

Grow these undemanding, tough plants in fertile, well drained soil in full sun. Some prefer chalky or limy soils, and are salt tolerant.

zones 6-9