Dryas drummondii – Mountain Avens –


Dryas – Mountain Avens –

There are about 3 species of dense mat forming, evergreen sub shrubs, in this genus. They occur on cliffs and rock ledges in alpine and arctic regions in the Northern Hemisphere. They are grown for their oak-like, leathery, wrinkled, dark green leaves, to 1 ½” long, and white downy beneath which turn dark bronze in winter. It bears solitary, cup to bell shaped, 8 petalled flowers followed by fluffy seeds heads. They are early grown carpeting plants, useful for a rock garden, wall, or border edge.

Grow in well drained, humus rich, slightly acidic, preferably gritty soil in sun or partial shade.

D. drummondii – This mat forming sub shrub from North America grows 4″ tall and at least 36″ wide. It produces elliptic to obovate, coarsely scalloped leaves, to 1 ½” long, and nodding, bell shaped, pale yellow flowers, ½-1″ across, in early summer.

Zones 2-6