Ligustrum amurense – Amur Privet – Privet –


Ligustrum – Privet –

There are about 50 species of rapidly growing deciduous, semi evergreen, or evergreen shrubs and trees in this genus. They occur in woodland and thickets in Europe, Northern Africa, the Himalayas, Southwestern and Eastern Asia, and Australia. They bear opposite, smooth edged, variably shaped, often glossy leaves, and terminal panicles of small, tubular, 4 lobed, scented white flowers, followed by spherical or ovoid black fruit, which attract birds. Grown for their foliage and flowers, they are good for a shrub border or as specimen plants, most species may be used fro hedging. All parts may cause severe discomfort if ingested.

Grow in well drained soil in full sun or partial shade, variegated privets color better in sun. Able to withstand regular clipping.

Prone to aphids, scale insects, Japanese beatles, weevils, mites, leaf miners, thrips, leaf spots, blights, cankers, crown gall, and root rot.

L. amurense – Amur Privet – This dense, upright, deciduous or semi evergreen shrub from Northern China grows 15′ feet tall and wide.   It produces elliptic, mid green leaves, to 2″ long. In late spring and early summer it bears panicles to 2″ long, of white flowers, followed by small, ovoid black fruit.

Zones 3-8